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Unity is our product - July 2014

Posted on July 31, 2014 at 12:10 AM

Assalamualaikum, Salam Sejahtera and Kia Ora

Dear all students,

There’s number of things to be remarked throughout July.

First of all, the closing ceremony of Bersatu Games 2014 held at Palmerston North Convention Centre. On behalf of EMNZ, I would like to congratulate MUMSA as the host for this year’s Games and its committees for the tremendous job offered. Our thanks to all athletes and contingents participated, as well as their phenomenal supporters too for the sporting spirit shown by them throughout the event. And congratulations to UMSA for becoming the new overall champion for this year.

Competition is an instrument. It's not a product. A good product is made of good instrument. A great product is made of various different instruments, with its different roles and types. All different instruments work together at the same time, pace and length specified. It's a process of orchestrating each different tool and mix it together, so as to cooperate and collaborate to produce good rhythm and good product.


This is what Bersatu Games is all about. It is organised by having one big agenda in the centre of our minds, to unite all of us. The process involves interacting, communicating, discussion over another, reviewing decisions and implementing it, getting to know each other and of course, competing in the best way and manner possible. The product is unity.


There's always issues pertaining differences exist. But without differences, there will be no process of integrating and uniting. Without differences, there will be no effort of finding similarities, let alone appreciating, understanding and complementing each other. Unity is a product of all these, issues that can be solved, problems that shouldn't be exaggerated at the first place and attending matters that are bigger and worth thinking. It provides us the maturity of give and take.


I believe that this process of unity has been successfully supported by all athletes and contingents throughout the game. How wonderful would it be should by spending 6 days here in Palmerston North, it's not just the winning medals that we're bringing back to our region. But we managed to tag ourselves with new friendships, new faces, person and contacts to be remembered, new positive matters to be followed up and to work on it. This is what Bersatu Games should be seen and should be understood. That's the reason why the Ministry of Education Malaysia, represented by EMNZ is willing to not just participating as the main and biggest sponsors every year, but to make all we can to ensure that the effort and strive for integration and unity is transparent and will continuously be regarded by future generation, year by year.



For some of us, this might be their first time experiencing Bersatu Games, and for others, this might be the last Bersatu Games that they've participated. No matter which group you're in, please contribute your ideas and thoughts to make Bersatu Games better in the future as there's always room for improvement. Let us build bonds between us by cultivating and maintaining extensive formal and informal friendship networks, by seeking out relationships that are mutually beneficial, by building rapport and keep others in the loop.


Bersatu Games is where we nurture team capabilities and creating synergy in working toward group goal. I believe that we are on the right track. Let's hope for the best.


To Massey University, million thanks for being a great host. We will continuously cherish the hospitality given and will endeavour any opportunity to strengthen the great working relationship we are enjoying. Thanks Massey University.


It's Ramadhan obviously and the credit goes to all muslim athletes, supporters and volunteers who fast during the day and at the same time, sportingly embrace the consensus achieved by all student-based societies for this Bersatu Games to be held in this fasting month. And to all athletes for sportingly uphold the mutual respect and understanding to those who are fasting. Please join me to give a great round of appreciation applause to all athletes.


I trust that the host for Bersatu Games 2015 and all contingents will put their best effort to work with EMNZ and to organise the Games and make it as successful as we're having it this year. July most probably will not be the best time next year as apart from the month of Ramadhan will be in its peak, the date will be too close to Hari Raya aidilfitri celebration. With the spirit of togetherness, I'm sure that all of us can work it out and render our utmost cooperation on this and have the next year Bersatu Games before Ramadhan or after the Hari Raya celebration. Every year, Bersatu Games offers its own unique challenge. And I suppose, finding a suitable date apart from July next year will be one of many positive challenges to all of us.

Last but surely not least, on behalf of EMNZ, a massive wishes of Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 1435 Hijriyyah to all Malaysian students in New Zealand. Have a great one !

Kind regards

Mohd Erfino Johari

Director, EMNZ


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