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Keep it flow - March 2014

Posted on March 23, 2014 at 9:45 PM

Assalamualaikum, Salam Sejahtera and Kia Ora

Dear students,

As the years flow, we are already in March. The classes and lectures started to flow, as well as beneficial activities organised by student-based societies and supported by EMNZ. The challenge is now, to keep it flow. Have the good initiative flows, the self motivation flows and the delightful of working together flows, towards the objectives outlined.

In pursuing the day to day studies, and participating in activities held inside and outside the university we're in, I believe that the most rewarding part is the chance to keep learning. Our observation towards things surrounding us and our evaluation on aspects circling around us, will provide us with the right energy to keep the mission flows. It will make each of us a person who sees opportunity in learning new things. 

I would like to encourage all students to actively participate in good positive things that are offered by both, the university and the student-based societies. Be it the additional voluntary classes and tuitions held by the Students Support unit in each university or events organised by and for students. Some might be wondering are there any 'rewards' for joining all these. Being students and stand by personal experiences I've gained during my wonderful years as student, doing work we love and doing a task for a pleasure of it, is the ultimate sources of satisfaction. It feels better to do what we have passion for, even if the rewards are greater elsewhere. Have that passion and keep it flow. The satisfaction and reward of participating in voluntary works, organisation-based activities and such is not necessarily for the sake of status, and not even financial gain. It's way down on the list, if by any chance it does exist. It actually flows in the pride in getting things done, work friendships and helping others. Together, we can all these nurtured in every event conducted. 

Ideas are precious. Have it freely flow within activities held. Keep it flow and we can make the difficult look easy. Have a great semester. Have a great autumn.


Mohd Erfino Johari

Director, EMNZ

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